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Quranic Perspectives on Technology and Innovation



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The Concept of Ijazah in Islamic Sciences

Ijazah is a traditional system of knowledge transmission in Islamic sciences. It involves a process of learning and certification where a student (talib) learns a subject from an expert (ujjab) in that field. The system ensures that the knowledge is not lost over time, as the certified student becomes a teacher and passes on the same knowledge to the next generation of students. The Ijazah system ensures the preservation and continuity of Islamic knowledge and values.

The Role of Research and Innovation in Islamic Civilization

The concept of research and innovation has a rich history in Islamic civilization. Muslim scholars and scientists in the middle ages made significant contributions in several fields, including mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, and medicine. They valued the pursuit of knowledge, encouraged critical thinking, and promoted experimentation. These practices laid the foundation for modern science.

The Concept of Khalifaah in the Quran and its Relevance in Scientific Progress

The concept of Khalifaah or vicegerency in the Quran highlights the importance of human beings as stewards of the earth. The Quran exhorts Muslims to utilize the resources of the earth and to discover its secrets for the betterment of society. This doctrine emphasizes the human responsibility to innovate and develop new technologies while ensuring that they are used for the betterment of society and the environment.

The Integration of Technology and Islamic Values

The integration of technology and Islamic values has gained prominence in recent times. Muslim scholars and entrepreneurs have come together to promote innovation that is in line with Islamic principles. Some of the initiatives include ethical technology development, technology accelerators, and Islamic finance for technology start-ups. Such efforts ensure that emerging technologies do not violate Islamic laws or values.

Conclusion: Enhancing the Technology and Innovative Landscape through Quranic Principles

Quranic principles have a significant role to play in enhancing the technology and innovative landscape in the contemporary world. The traditional Islamic knowledge transmission system, Ijazah, should continue to play a vital role in preserving and passing on the Islamic intellectual legacy. The promotion of research and innovation, rooted in Islamic tradition, will contribute significantly to the betterment of society. The integration of technology and Islamic values will ensure that emerging technologies are utilized for the betterment of society and the environment, thereby promoting a sustainable and just future.


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