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Does the Holy Quran contain scientific facts that were discovered by scientists centuries later? If so, what were they?

Does the Holy Quran contain scientific facts that were discovered by scientists centuries later.


In the realm of divine knowledge, the Holy Quran stands as a beacon of truth and enlightenment. Amidst its verses lie profound scientific insights that have left the world astounded. Let us delve into these marvels, discovered by scientists centuries later, testifying to the divine origin of the Quranic revelations.

1) Sirius Star’s Unseen Companion

Surah 49:9 mentions the Sirius star and its unseen companion orbiting in a bow-shaped trajectory, completing one orbit in 49 years and 9 months. Astonishingly, this fact, with its precise numerical correlation, was only confirmed by scientists in the 21st century.

2) Tears and the Overflow

The Quran, revealed over 1,400 years ago, eloquently speaks of tears overflowing from the eyes. Recent scientific discoveries pinpoint a tear duct mechanism, validating the Quranic description of tear overflow.

3) Female Bees and Honey Production

The Quran accurately identifies the working bees generating honey as females, consuming honey from their two stomachs. Modern science aligns with this revelation, affirming the Quranic understanding predating scientific confirmation.

4) Protective Sky and Altitude Challenges

Describing the sky as a protective shield, the Quran highlights its role in shielding Earth from harmful sun rays and meteorites. Moreover, it notes the difficulty in breathing at higher altitudes, a fact affirmed by modern science.

5) Pulsar Star – “Tariq”

The Quran refers to a star called “Tariq,” meaning beater, knocking, or striking. In 1967, scientists discovered pulsar stars emitting sounds resembling knocking, and the Quranic revelation resonates with this celestial phenomenon.

6) Baked Clay Blocks for Pyramids

Contrary to previous beliefs, the Quran asserts that the pharaoh ordered the baking of clay blocks to construct the pyramids. Recent archaeological findings confirm this, overturning long-held assumptions about pyramid construction.

7) Replacement of Skins in Hellfire

The Quran’s description of hellfire torment includes the replacement of burnt skins with new ones, aligning with modern medical knowledge regarding nerve damage and pain sensation.

8) Fetal Development in the Womb

Embryonic science validates the Quranic portrayal of fetal development in stages within the mother’s womb, affirming the accuracy of the Quranic account.

9) Sex Determination after 42 Nights

The Quran states that after 42 nights, the angel shapes the fetus and determines its sex. Remarkably, contemporary embryonic science attests to the same timeframe for sex determination.

10) Internal Waves in the Deep Sea

The Quran alludes to internal waves in the deep sea that remain unseen to the human eye. Recent deep-sea explorations confirm the existence of these waves in the pitch-black depths.

11) Expansion of the Universe

The Quran reveals the expansion of the universe and the presence of smoke before the formation of stars and galaxies. Cosmologists have only recently uncovered this phenomenon, aligning with Quranic teachings.

12) Land and Sea Mass Proportions

The Quran meticulously mentions land and sea, and their proportions on Earth, with the math revealing a precise ratio of 28.888% land mass and 71.111% sea mass. A stunning correlation only emphasized by modern numerical analysis.

These scientific marvels within the Quran serve as a testament to the divine wisdom embedded in its verses. Let us reflect on these wonders, seeking to deepen our understanding of the miraculous revelations contained within the Holy Quran.

May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his noble family, and his devoted companions.


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